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Persian Area Rug Cleaning Is Our Passion!


Cleaning Your Persian Rug:

A Persian rug is known for it’s quality, value and collectability and there is special care we can use to be sure it holds its value and stays beautiful for many years! Rug Masters understands this and it’s why we offer a state-of-the art cleaning facility for these usable works of art. Our specially trained technicians use great care to be sure your rug is returned to you clean, bright and beautiful! We use a special mild solution to clean your Persian Rug and the fringe as well, then we hang your Persian Rug on our specially designed drying racks to ensure a predictable result , where your rug is hung and dries evenly.

Other tips to care for your Persian Rug:

Thoughtful care of your Persian Rug will help hold it’s value and ensure it lasts and continues to look it’s best. Try to keep your Persian Rug from direct sunlight, if you do notice your rug is exposed to sunlight regularly, turn it from end to end. This will at least ensure, if there is fading that, regularly turning it will help even out the color fade.

Also, putting a good quality pad underneath your Persian Rug will help minimize the wear & tear and offer greater support and longevity!

If you do have spills, be sure to pat any spill or stain, do not rub, and by using cold water it can eliminate any sign of a stain from setting in.

Vacuum your Persian Rug regularly to be sure dust isn’t settling into the fibers

Have your Persian Rug professionally cleaned once a year, by doing so, you are protecting your investment and will ensure that you can enjoy your beautiful Persian Rug for years to come, posibly generations. After all, this rug is notably worthy of becoming a family heirloom!

Rug Masters has years of experience caring for and cleaning Persian rugs.

We are a full service rug cleaning facility that is dedicated to cleaning high quality wool rugs and all natural fiber rugs. Our area rug cleaning service includes everything from the initial inspection to stain removal and complete cleaning and drying. We will pick up and deliver your rug right back where we found it! Don't forget to ask about stain protection. Let Rug Masters Persian Rug Cleaning services, San Bernardino, Riverside. Redlands, Rancho Cucamonga, San Antonio Heights and the Entire Inland Empire. Please give us a call today!

You appreciate authentic Persian rugs... because high quality never goes out of style. At Rug Masters, We know how to love your Persian Rug!






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