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Rug Cleaning and oriental rug repair... With Full Service Pick Up And Delivery!

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Oriental rug cleaning takes care and know-how:

~We specialize in rug cleaning, oriental rug restoration and rug repair. Rug Masters is located in San Bernardino CA. but we pick up your rug to best serve you, we service the entire Inland Empire.~

An Oriental area rug can create warmth and artistic value to any room in your home. Our professionally trained technicians know the importance of handling your Oriental carpet with care. Oriental wool rugs have the characteristics to last over time, their dyes resist fading and running, and their wool, full of natural oils, keeps many potential stains from penetrating and setting in. At Rug Masters, your professional oriental rug cleaner, we understand the value and investment you put into your oriental rugs. We offer one of the only state-or-the art rug cleaning facilities in the area, with drying racks where your Oriental rug will be systematically raised and hung for the best drying technique for any size Oriental wool area rug. Always avoid allowing your carpet to sit damp for an extended period of time, as this could possibly rot the cotton foundation.

Tips for keeping your Oriental Wool Area Rug looking it’s best:

When placing your rug in a room, you may want to consider foot traffic pattern and furniture placement, both can effect the wear on your beautiful Oriental Area Rug. Depending on where you have your rug, it’s always a good idea to rotate it every 3-6 months. This also helps with the effects of sunlight on your Oriental Rug, although the high quality dyes used are quite impervious to extreme fading, keeping an eye on intense sunlight streaming into a room and drawing the drapes when the sun is brightest is always a good precaution! Investing in a firm, high quality pad to go under your Oriental Rug is a great idea, the pad will help with wear, stretching and sliding of your area rug, while also providing a more cushioned feel under your feet. The pad will also lend to an easier wear, where furniture may be sitting on the rug. Keep your rug vacuumed but not too briskly if done with a beater brush, you can turn your rug over and also vacuum the back as well. You can gently go over you rug with a soft damp cloth to surface clean and freshen it up but be sure to call a professional, like Rug Masters, when it’s time to give your Oriental Area Rug a true cleaning. We recommend cleaning your valuable rugs once a year to keep them in the best condition possible, to keep their beauty and to preserve your investment for years to come!

If cared for properly, an Oriental rug will accrue in value over time. Once an Oriental rug reaches 30-70 years of age, its value will surely increase; and rugs over 100 years old could qualify for “antique” status. Rug cleaning and rug repair keeps your rug in tip top condition!






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