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During this health conscious time we are adhering to responsible social distancing. We will do curb side pick up and delivery of your rug or area carpet. We will wrap the rugs in plastic for protection from the elements.

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Rug Masters

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A Full Service Area Rug Cleaning & Area Rug Repair -

Professional Area Rugs Cleaning At Our State Of The Art Rug Cleaning Plant. Dedicated To Washing & Hang Drying The Highest Quality Hand Made Rugs.

We Clean & Repair ~

*Oriental Area Rugs
*Persian Area Rugs
*Wool Area Rugs
*Turkish Area Rugs
*Chinese Area Rugs
*All Fine Area Rugs

"We Know How To Love Your Rugs"

Rug Cleaning & Oriental Rug Repair.

Oriental & Persian Rug Cleaning Done Right!

Rug Masters cleans and repairs your precious and heirloom oriental and Persian rugs in water with personally chosen and proven to be gentle, yet effective cleaning agents . There is an 8 step rug cleaning system we have been using for many years. Each step is well thought through and is completed as a regiment by our well trained seasoned staff of rug cleaning specialists. This is the system we follow with almost every rug we clean and repair, though we do have some rugs that are in need of special attention and care. We eagerly approach these cleaning circumstances with no reservations, and will discuss options with you before going ahead with extreme rug cleaning techniques.

Our Rug Cleaning System

  1. We remove and pick up your rug, though not before we inspect it thoroughly with you so you receive the exact rug cleaning results you are looking for.
  2.  We remove dust before the rug cleaning begins, it is our mission to safely lift and remove any loose soil from the nap of your valued rug. We understand your rug is meaningful to you and in many cases is irreplaceable and valuable. We take this extra care so we are not washing dirt into the wool or natural fibers of your area carpet.
  3. Rug cleaning using submersion in water method to fully soak the wool area carpet. Rug Masters has the experience to ensure your Oriental, Persian or Chinese handmade wool rug is treated with the same love you would give it, using soft brushes, light pressure, gentle cleaners, conditioners and of-course, naturally the only way to really clean a wool or natural fiber rug is in a bath of water, to best renew rejuvenate your rug.
  4.  Now our oriental rug cleaning process really begins with cleaners and a rug cleaning machine designed specifically for wool Oriental rugs and Persian rugs. It has soft power bushes that spin counter of each other with light pressure as if being washed by hand, though more effective than hand rug cleaning and more cost effective. This process really loosens any left over soil or stubborn stains.
  5. The fringe is always done by hand and very carefully with light brushing of the carpet fringe and a sponge.
  6. We then completely rinse your cared for and valued wool rug with plenty of water to really clean your area carpet completely.
  7. Drying your Oriental rug after cleaning and rinsing is a key in the rug cleaning process and that is why we have one of the best rug cleaning facilities in Southern California and the Inland Empire. We have  heavily invested in a state-of-the art drying room at our rug cleaning facility to best care for your cherished investment. At our facility we have a 20 ft tall, power rug drying rack to raise your rug high above the ground and dry it in a best practice way that is perfect for your wool rug fibers.
  8. We then Deliver your area rug back to you and lay the rug down in its place in a timely manner.

    The Rug Masters Rug Cleaning  Or Repair Promise

  • You will be thrilled with the results, we promise! We have the know-how, experience and the proper equipment to take the best care of cleaning your Oriental, Persian, Chinese, antique, Asian, silk or wool handmade rugs. Whatever type of natural fiber area carpet you have you can trust that "We Know How To Love Your Rugs"

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We Proudly Service San Bernardino CA, Redlands CA, Riverside CA, Rancho Cucamunga CA & The Inland Empire Area

Oriental & Persian Area Rug Cleaning & Restoration Done Right! Rug Masters is a state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility for rug cleaning Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, wool rugs, all area rug cleaning! We know how to care for your valuable rugs! FREE Pick-up & delivery included. We do not hang your rugs out in the sun to dry, when fading can occur!! We clean your precious heirloom area carpets, Oriental & Persian rugs with proven to be gentle, yet effective cleaning agents with electronic drying racks not seen in most rug cleaning facilities! Each step is well thought through and is completed as a regiment by our well-trained staff of carpet & rug cleaning specialists. We also offer rug repair & restoration, call us for an estimate!

Sheep in field showing where wool for fine area rugs are made. Oriental rug repair and cleaning. Rug Masters 653 S. Waterman Ave, San Bernardino CA 92408

" We sheep are great at providing the wool to create masterpiece rugs!

Wool rug fibers are strong and durable though they do collect dust and dirt too, so keep your rugs clean and they will last for generations!

Our Wool's strength and durability are to be recognized and appreciated when being compared to alternative rug fibers. The pile of a rug made from wool is very sturdy and insulating. Depending on the rug's construction, wool rugs have been known to last many centuries. So cherish your beautiful rugs, frame them, hang them, show them off, of course, display them on your floors, and naturally clean your rugs regularly! "

A fine wool area rug being created. Fine Oriental rug hanging to dry in sun

"It takes a lot to go from this, Raw Wool to an area rug...

~ Lamb Chop ~


When You Include Rug Fabric Protection With Your Rug Cleaning Or Rug Restoration.

We Care For Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs & All Natural Fiber Rugs…


The allure of Oriental and Persian rugs comes from the harmony of a rugs’ colors, degree of detail, purity of construction, texture, the appearance of the yarns, and workmanship.

We Also Make Custom Area Rug Pads, Made To Order!

Oriental area rug cleaning, rug repair, rug fringe repair on all fine area rugs.

Rug Masters proudly serves San Bernardino, Redlands, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside CA. and the entire Inland Empire area of Southern California.






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